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Partnering Workshops


ATI Systems conducts partnering workshops where success-oriented project teams can meet in a retreat environment with partnering facilitators to build partnering teams by establishing relationships, defining mutual goals, and developing the project's management methods.

ATI Systems stresses team building that is focused on each project's specific issues, opportunities, risks, and goals. This makes for a partnering retreat that achieves the teambuilding while simultaneously establishing the team actions and understandings that will orient the project for success - The result a productive partnering workshop!

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Partnering Leadership Training


ATI Systems conducts leadership partnering sessions, to strengthen the management of partnering programs. These executive sessions are offered in advance of partnering workshops and on larger projects as regular follow-up partnering meetings.

These strategic partnering sessions emphasize leadership as distinguished from management,  very much in the sense defined by John Kotter of the Harvard Business School and summarized to the right.

bulletConsistently producing key results expected by stakeholders.


bulletEstablishing direction
bulletAligning organizations
bulletMotivating and inspiring.


Project Partnering Follow up Services


Customer feedback is so important, but imagine the benefits of regular feedback from all of the stakeholders. A partnering culture with commitments to project success, open communications, and cooperation, can be a great aid to making course corrections on one's project based on real-time feedback from the stakeholders.

As a neutral facilitator, ATI Systems provides ongoing support to aid the owner and contractor program managers to maintain quality professional project partnering activities.

bulletConducting regular partnering effectiveness surveys.
bulletConducting follow-up workshops.
bulletConducting completion workshops. 
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Training in Partnering Concepts


ATI Systems conducts partnering training for project teams and for professional associations.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is, as part of their revitalized partnering program, providing training in partnering concepts for the senior members of their larger construction projects. ATI Systems is among the partnering consultants that are qualified as a partnering trainer for these sessions.

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Leadership in Partnering Methods


Our name, ATI Systems, was derived from the concept of "Achievement through Innovation." Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality professional services, innovating to provide the services efficiently and to adapt to meet our client's unique needs.

A sample of the quality of the deliveries for an initial partnering workshop are presented in the photograph.

Applying the Internet to good use, ATI Systems creates partnering web sites for most projects we serve. These web sites serve for coordination before workshops and to make the partnering charter and workshop report available to all of the stakeholders after the workshop. The web sites continue to serve the projects as a very efficient means of conducting surveys and posting survey reports, again making them available to all of the stakeholders. 

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