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Mission, Methods & Results:

Mission: ATI Systems is a management consulting firm with a mission to aid organizations to more effectively work together, yielding tangible improvements in results and increased satisfaction by the stakeholders.

Method: Partnering techniques are applied to develop commitments by the organizations to cooperation, to shared goals for success, and to processes that emphasize open communications and rapid issue resolution.

Results: Partnering has yielded exceptional results wherever teams of organizations need to work together. Samples of actual successes from construction and defense acquisition projects are shown below.

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Company Overview:

With 30 years of experience working within and leading construction and defense industry teams, Dennis Eriksen founded ATI Systems in 1990 as a management consulting firm. While in industry, Dennis was fortunate to have served in positions that included Program Manager, Senior Project Manager, Director of Systems Engineering, Vice President of Engineering, and Division General Manager; these positions provided a unique opportunity to oversee a large number of major projects and to develop methods that delivered successful projects.

Two lessons learned from that experience were that 1) Good teams yielded good projects and 2) As of the mid '80's, there were few good team building tools available to the leaders of construction teams and engineering teams.

Partnering, developed in the mid-80's and proving itself on construction projects in the early '90's, provided a structure method of team building. In 1992, our company "bought in" to the philosophy and methods of partnering to the degree that we soon found ourselves being called on 100% of our time to facilitate partnering relationships. Our concentrating of this niche of management consulting has proven valuable to our company. If the repeat business that we are called on to provide is a good measure, it has also proven valuable to many of our clients! ATI Systems has now provided partnering consulting on projects with a total value that exceeds $4 billion, projects that span the earth from the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia in the west to Djibouti at the Horn of Africa in the east.



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